Camera for Food

Purposely built camera feature that will make your food photos way better

Search by Dish

Search what you want to eat by dish, a feature not many others can do

Log Food Journey

Track and log your culinary journey for later viewing & searching

Restaurant Locator

Locate restaurants nearby & see photos of other dishes by other users

Have you ever crave for a Steak Burger or that Seafood Laksa?

When you crave for some particular type of food you just want to search for that food, but current popular food platforms don’t allow you to search for a particular type of food, that’s where Savour comes in.

Share your Food Snaps with useful information

Savour is the first food app that through its massive restaurant database helps user embed useful information onto the photo to share with their network.

Save your Food Journey

Saving your food photos for search and sort later, and never forget that special place or that special dish again.