We can’t believe it is February already, we hope everyone is having a great 2017 so far

2017 for FCBA will be an exciting one with many new events and happenings! We wish to announce a few upcoming projects which will add further excitement to your food journeys coupled with our traditional events.

1. FCBA premium events – we will introduce new events which are experiences that are unique and very rewarding.

2. Partnership with a brand new Where’s The Food video series and awards – FCBA will be working closely with a new locally produced brand in discovering hidden gems in Australia and showcasing them to the rest of the world!

3. Partnership with Savour App – ever since its induction into Australia, FCBA alongside Restaurant and Catering Association and Tourism Australia will be supporting the app’s many new initiatives to help Australia create the biggest directory of restaurants, cafes and caterers nationally to provide value to anyone that dines out.

4. FCBA premium membership – FCBA will give members an opportunity to upgrade their membership to reap the many benefits to enhance their foodie journeys; including and not limited to exclusive invitations to premium tastings, new product sampling groups, VIP industry events and the exciting new FCBA national membership card that unlocks special rewards at our participating restaurants, suppliers network and affiliated networks. 

These are just some of the major milestones we hope to achieve this year. With that said, all these new projects and concepts will not hinder or redirect FCBA’s mission, we will continue to add value and help those that are needed, and showcase all that Australia has to give. FCBA will always be a tight knitted community that share nothing but passion. 

Until then, remember to #StayHungry

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