Movenpick Australia Matcha Waffle Cone Launch

Matcha has hit the restaurant and social media scene and become the hottest food trend and possibly most instragrammable food ingredient since 2015 and it seems like this matcha madness is never dying.

While matcha ice cream can be seen everywhere in Australia, Movenpick decided to take on a different direction, gave the matcha craze a twist, and created this hand-baked  MATCHA WAFFLE CONE.

Collaborating with Vanilla Zulu’s Executive Chef and acclaimed Author,  Mel Townsend, Movenpick brought us the perfect waffle cone that pairs beautifully with the 24 Movenpick ice cream flavours.

Erica and I were so excited when we first heard about the matcha waffle cone exclusive tasting! And we were not disappointed! Their ice cream were luscious as per usual, living up to their name. The matcha waffle cone was more on the subtle side of (but not without) flavour, making it an ideal match for the Movenpick ice cream. As for those who prefer a stronger matcha flavour, you can always choose something lighter out of the 24 ice cream flavours they have in store!

Erica and I also got to experience rolling our own matcha waffle cones!! I have to say, it was not an easy task to roll out a perfectly green and well-shaped cone! We really appreciate the effort the Movenpick staff put into hand-baking every single waffle cone!

If you are a matcha lover or simply just love to take on a food adventure, go to your closest Movenpick store and check out these beautiful emerald MATCHA WAFFLE CONES. They will be available nationwide starting from this week! ??  #movenpickmatcha #matchamadeinheaven

Published by Sophia Wai

*this is not a paid endorsement*

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