[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’ve all been there; after finishing off a yummy meal you really want something small and sweet just to top it all off… OR when you’re craving for something sugary but don’t want the guilt (or a full blown out sugar high after!).

One of the ways I love to combat these dramatic life dilemmas is by cracking open a box of Bravo Gelato’s cute little Bambino Cones and sharing them around.

Starting up in the 1990’s making delicious handmade gelato from a family recipe, Bravo Gelato has evolved over the years; offering new and exciting flavours and products while maintaining their artisan ways.

Just like a full size cone, their signature Bambino Cones have got the perfect crunchy waffle cone with a smooth chocolate coating inside, generous scoop of creamy Bravo Gelato and a coloured chocolate coating to give the perfect crack when you take your first bite!

When we were asked if we would like a tour of their factory I jumped at the chance to check them out!  The best part of our visit was being able roll up my sleeves and make a few of these goodies myself; though I wasn’t very good at it 🙁 … It’s hard!!

First, the insides of the cones must be sprayed with chocolate to keep them nice and crunchy, then left to set.

Each mound of gelato is then individually scooped BY HAND!  This is where it got messy for me! Watching those around me going at the speed of light… I was left in their dust scooping at a snails pace.  I probably shouldn’t think of quitting my day job any time soon…

After the trays are filled, the cones are put in the blast freezer to harden before taken out and dipped in smooth coloured chocolate.  Toppings and sprinkles are then pressed on top depending on which flavour is being made.

Take a look at our tour in the video below!

After getting first hand experience at how these delicious treats are made, I ALMOST feel guilty inhaling these two bites at a time!  But I just cant help it!

Check out their products or take a drive to their Factory Outlet in Rydalmere, open 11am-5pm on Fridays!

Thank you for the tour Bravo Gelato, you guys are amazing!  I know what I will be bringing to my Summer BBQ’s this year!

Published by Cecelia Tao


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