FCBA (Food Critics & Bloggers Australia) is a not-for-profit community with the mission to celebrate and honour restaurants and suppliers in Australia. To assist Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of Australia and Tourism Australia with its Digital Business Kit and Restaurant Australia campaigns, it is fitting for our mission to also help spread to the rest of the world about Australia’s good food, beverages and talents via technology.

Given this great opportunity we wanted to also bring together all food and beverage bloggers and critics as an official community supporting and educating each other as a family.

There is often a misconception that we are a Marketing or PR company, but to answer your questions again, we are proud to say FCBA’s work is out of good will and passion.

As Australians living in Australia we should be proud of our food, lifestyle and culture, the team behind FCBA believes Australia should deserve more recognition in this regard.

FCBA is more than a community of food critics and bloggers; it is a movement, a portal and a voice for Australia to showcase to the rest of the world its finest talents, produce and gastronomical qualities.

We are committed to nurture and grow the hospitality industry in Australia with a major focus on nurturing and supporting both food enthusiasts, critics, bloggers and businesses in celebrating what Australia has to offer.

FCBA aims to achieve its goals through education, showcasing its members, events, awards, experiences and the reporting of latest trend and news around the industry and environment.


Eugene Lee

Australia has some of the best produce in the world – coupled with the diversity of talents here, Australia should get more recognition from the rest of the world for its culinary appeal. FCBA aims to help Australia achieve this!

Cecelia Tao

There’s nothing better than sharing a meal or new food experiences with the people I love and finding new friends along the way who share my passion for food too!

I’m a strong believer that there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy delicious food; just don’t mind me if I start using my hands, it only means I’m comfortable around you!

Melody Teng

Seeing our bloggers enjoying a great time and reading their delicious reviews of our events is the most rewarding and joyful feeling I have as being a part of the big FCBA family.

Don’t have a favourite dish but Japanese food is always the top choice on my list!

Sophia Wai

Loves a burger with the guys, cocktail with the girls, and long cozy brunch with the ladies. 

My perfect weekend is having a picnic with a book and a French baguette then some foie gras and Sauternes at night